Shelly Duncan – No Class

Kid On Friday night, ten-year old Griffin Whitman was attending his first baseball game; the Red Sox/Yankees game at Fenway Park. Griffin, a Red Sox fan, was armed with an autograph book and pen, aiming to get some players autographs. Yankees rookie outfielder, Shelly Duncan can happy to sign the ten-year old’s book. Griffin said he was happy until he looked at what Duncan wrote.

“Red Sox **** – Shelly Duncan”

This upset Griffin to the point where his mother contacted the media and the boy was quoted as saying:

“He’s a role model for a lot of people. Even ten-year old New York boys who like the Yankees would say he’s not a good guy, even though they like the Yankees”

I have to agree with Griffin. I know “athletes are not role models”, but ten-year olds don’t know that. They look up to baseball players. I remember when I was ten. I looked up to players like Dave Winfield, Steve Carlton, and Howard Johnson. If I met them and they gave me an autograph like that, it would hurt me.

The Yankees released a statement that it was Duncan’s way of having fun with the kid. At age ten, kids don’t understand that type of fun. Shelly Duncan should be mature enough to realize that. Next time he decides to “have fun” with a fan, maybe he should use his head because what he did lacks class. The Yankees claim to have a standard they uphold, but stunts like this isn’t what anyone would consider “The Yankee Way.”


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