Santana to Stay Put?

What would the Winter Meetings be like without 75 different Johan Santana rumors??  Well here’s the latest (I’m sure by the time I post this it’ll change):

Word is the Twins will NOT trade Johan Santana at the winter meetings.  Rumor has it the Twins have rejected the Red Sox offer, and for now Johan is staying with the Twins.

This might not be the smartest move.  Sure, Santana is "Twins" property until the end of the season, so there is no rush to deal him, but there’s a catch.  As the season begins and progresses the more the Twins will need other teams to take Santana, then other teams need Johan Santana.  The long the Twins wait to deal him, the less they will be able to get for him.

Unless Carl Pohlad comes down off the giant pile of money he sits on top of, and gives Santana an extension, the time to trade Johan is now…


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