Call It A Comeback

Wow, it’s been a while.  The last time I updated the Orphan was during the Mitchell Report.  Life sort of caught up with me.  Not that I haven’t written.  Steve Carlton Likes to Fish, Hot Stove Philly, and Hot Stove New York, are all alive and well, and help me get my writing fix.  Between writing for three sites, the job (too bad blogging doesn’t pay the bills), and of course spending time with my wife, I’ve neglected the Orphan. 

Given the blog’s name, it’s a bit ironic.

Well enough neglecting the Orphan.  It’s back, but a little different then the standard MLBLog.  Most of my writing has to do with standard reporting, with my take on it.  The Orphan will of course center around baseball, but more opinions, and more stuff outside the realm of the American and National League.

We’ll see how it works out…

On a side note, I never thought I’d find myself rooting for the Devils.  No Flyers fan in his right mind would root for the team that plays in the sewer in the heart of Newark (the Ghettolands, as refer to it as), but it’s playoff time, and the Flyers are clinging on to the eighth seed.  With the Rangers in sixth, only two points ahead, a Rangers loss would be big.  Too bad they won in a shootout…


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