They Call It March Madness

I’ve never considered myself a college basketball fan.  In fact I often miss the beginning of Sportscenter because I don’t want to watch the end of whatever NCAA game they might be showing.  There are betting things on TV to waste my time.

But for some reason when it come to the Tournament it becomes a different story.  I turn a game on and see Belmont is beating Duke with less than 30 seconds left in the second half and I’m glued to the TV.  I don’t know where the heck Belmont even is, but I see they’re in a 15 seed, and they’re beating a #2 seed.  I instantly become a fan.

Basketball has always been a sport I sort of always overlooked.  Sure I’ve always rooted for the Knicks (the only New York team I really root for), but they haven’t been a respectable franchise since Patrick Ewing cut his flat-top.  Even then,I casually followed them (I could still name the roster and all, just not rattle off the facts and stats like other sports).  I’ve always wondered why.

The argument can be made growing up a suburban kid in Long Island, basketball wasn’t the sport, but I played a ton as a kid, as did my brothers.  I just liked baseball, football, and hockey a whole lot more. 

Probably because I was better at them.

I was never good at basketball.  I mean to the point where it’s embarrassing.  When you’re tall people assume you must be good at basketball (since when is 6’2 considered tall?), but it couldn’t be farther from the truth.  I can’t shoot, layup, dunk, or rebound.  Let’s be honest, I’m lucky I can dribble.  Even then I have to watch the ball to make sure it doesn’t hit my foot.

Because I was never good at it I never liked it.  Unless it’s March, and collegians are playing for schools I never heard of.  Then I become addicted… 

Gotta run, Arizona is closing the gap on West Virginia…


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