About chinmusic22

A 32 year-old New Yorker who’s not a fan of
any New York sports teams (well, one… I like the Knicks,
though they’re no picnic to watch). I am a freelance writer
by trade, who specializes in the game of baseball, though not
limited to it. I am married to the most wonderful woman in
the world, who tends to overlook my flaws, and accepts my
addiction to the game of baseball. She makes me smile, and
makes me who I am. No kids as of yet, but we have a
Dachshund, who my wife treats better then me. I root for the
Philles, but do follow the Orioles and Cubs (I enjoy pain and
emotional turmoil), but love the sport of baseball as a


Spending time with my wife, Baseball,
Fantasy Sports, Baseball History, Stand Up Comedy, The
Office, Entourage, The Dog Park, Music- mostly New Wave,
Punk, & Indie Rock.