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Dodgers Sign Jones

Ajones The Dodgers have signed free agent centerfieler Andruw Jones to a two-year $36.2 million dollar contract.  Jones is coming off a disasterous season where he hit .222 with 24 home runs and 94 RBI’s.  This is a far cry from his .263/34/103 season averages.

Jones was hoping to land a big contract this off-season, similar to what Alfonso Soriano received from the Cubs last year, but with his poor season the interest simply wasn’t there. Signing a two-year deal was the best avaiable offer.  This isn’t saying he still won’t get that big contract.  Jones will only be 32 when his contract with the Dodgers is up. 

While Jones is making $18.1 million a season, a two-year deal isn’t a bad gamble for the Dodgers.  Given how much Jones’ numbers dropped last season, there’s a good chance he’ll bounce back in 2008.

The Dodger’s signing Jones might only be the begining of a pending trade.  The Dodgers now have Jones, Matt Kemp, Juan Pierre, and Andre Either all looking for regular playing time in the outfield.